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Do Over

Inconvenient Truth #5762: “Your Kids don’t care if you’re a single parent, neither does dinner”

Inconvenient Tr…

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Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offerings

Burnt Toast

Guess who just got a visit from Virginia’s Finest? SOMEBODY who shall remain nameless, sacrificed toast to the convection gods and set the oven on fire. I called 911 and was hoping that they would just tell me what to do, instead they sent the whole fire brigade. which is, especially when the fire GOES OUT before they get there. Trust me, I’m grateful for their efficiency ……but………………………………………….. i have a confession……………………………………..i’m so ashamed…………..i. had. a. SHALLOW MOMENT: in the midst of me talking to the dispatcher, and shuttling the boy outside and away from the flames, I started to think about the manliness that was about to be delivered to my front door, FIRE MEN ARE FOINE! At the time the fire broke out I was in the middle of working out, and had on these knee length workout pants. Whilst outside waiting i stepped into the light of the street lamp looked down at my bare legs and, to my horror, what did i see? ASH, from the ankles up! I heard the trucks coming and knew it was now or never, i made a mad dash for the house, and dived for the lotion next to my bed. Two pumps and a couple swipes later I was back outside, on the curb looking appropriately distraught. (don’t judge me)

We’re ok, the fire was contained in the Toast-r-Oven and all is well. oh and the firemen were, very, very, very nice 😉

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Guilty Chicken

Eating the breast does not make you a bad parent.

How many times have you found your self struggling between eating the drumsticks when you really know you want to eat the big piece? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it that natural instinct to make sure the bairn are well stuffed before we nurture our own needs, or is it just idiotic guilt?  My vote is on the side of misguided self flagellation. Wings or thighs? Does it matter, does it make me a horrible selfish person if i go for the big one at the bottom of the bucket? Unfortunately this mentality does not just apply to The Colonels 8 piece, this unnecessary guilt at self satisfaction plagues most parents, though I think single parents get a double dose. When sacrifice becomes so ingrained in your way of thinking and operating it becomes hard to be self indulgent. It’s time to take a stand!! So on behalf of ALL SINGLE PARENTS I SAY EAT THAT BREAST, HECK, TAKE THE THIGH TOO!!! Your kids will survive they won’t hate you for it, you deserve it, you’re bigger you need the sustenance!!

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I’m about one peanut butter and jelly sandwich dinner away from being an unfit parent.

I’m about one …

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