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The Virginia Bama Tells a Story

Raki wasn’t always cool. I speak of myself in third person to show how far I’ve come. But lest I forget, the following will always bring me back to earth. A few weeks ago I found a cassette tape of a 13 year old me telling a story that I’d made up. I had just moved from southern Virginia to the DC metro area and had not yet begun the arduous task of eradicating my accent. Listen and be amused.

(if the link audio doesn’t work try the direct link HERE it takes a second to load, but sit tight…it’s worth the wait)

Are you done laughing yet? This tape surfaced right on time, and turned into an afterschool special. Dave is growing up and as much as I appreciate his eccentricities, being a teenager in a society that is telling kids to grow up too quick and act too cool way too soon, makes it difficult to instill in him to just be cool with who he is (everybody else can kick rocks). I get frustrated with some of his insecurities mostly because I’ve been in his shoes and understand what he’s going through. Telling your kids that you “get it” works sometimes but this tape gave Dave a real life peek at me at his age. I was awkward, friendless, the new kid, totally out of place and telling stories in the closet to amuse myself. Of course when I let him listen to it he laughed a lot, critiqued everything, then wanted to hear it again. Thankless but worth it 🙂

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Holy Kumquat Batman!

Every now and then I feel really bad that my son is an only child.  I’ll look over and see him chattering away to himself, battling himself in bey blades, using both playstation remotes…stuff like that. I admit, I feel a little pang of empathy, and then, well, and then – I don’t. feeling passes. But a lack of constant playmates, cousins, or cable does have an effect on a kid, especially when they’re interacting with other kids.  My son tries to fit in but sometimes he doesn’t quite get it.  The other day he was in the backseat play acting like a superhero with these two kids when I overheard this:


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