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Man Child



The Man Child slept. Haphazardly strewn on sheets askew and pillows too soft. It was the sleep of adolescence, carefree and untainted. But just beyond the window pane a light flickered, and then it happened. Not all at once, but slowly it crept in sweeping past the old lamp post on Browery St. The still balmy summer night heralding it’s coming like a light house in  fog beaconing an ocean liner. The thin reedy songs of the cicadas were hushed as it rolled in leaving in it’s wake the sweet scent of honey suckle and lavender, with touches of apprehension mixed with fear and mystery…


photography credit: moi

short story: moi too







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The Tent

In my apartment I have a walk through closet connecting my room to my bathroom. Sometimes it’s my sanctuary and when it’s super clean and I’m feeling super delusional I imagine it to be my “wardrobe” connecting my suite of rooms in the west wing of my flat.  One rainy Saturday evening a few weekends ago Dave and I decided to build a tent-fort in the closet.  Using skirt hangers as clamps, from higher shelves of the closet I hanged an Ikea duvet cover patterned with what has to be the united nations of colorful stick figures all painted to represent the flags of the world. The cover draped and billowed like the ceiling of a bedouin tent. The soft yellow light of the closet filtered through the colorful duvet wrapping the space in a reddish orange hue. We covered the floor in comforters and blankets, including the infamous “Hurricane Cover” (a cover so huge that years ago Dave decided it was as big and overwhelming as a hurricane. The name stuck). Dave had gathered ALL of the pillows in the house and created this nest and medley of pillows big, small, cheap, and firm, (cased and naked). In the doorway leading to the bathroom I set up a box fan on a small wooden step stool. Dave was busy stocking our fortress with TinTin comics, an Egyptian adventure mystery that we’ve been reading titled The Red Pyramid, snacks and drinks, and hadn’t noticed that I’d swiped a finishing touch out of the next room and had planted it on one the shelves in the closet. When we were finally ready to settle in I turned on the fan, the breeze was enough to ripple and sway our textile ceiling providing just enough white noise to cancel the outside sounds while adding depth to the ambiance.  Making sure Dave had all of his creature comforts, and book light within arms reach, I hopped up and flicked off the light.  I could tell that the boy was a little iffy on the darkness as I picked my way over to the shelf, and to the “finishing touch”.  A few seconds after turning off the light I switched on the snow globe that I’d grabbed earlier. The globe is full of glitter and gradually changes colors from red, to yellow, green, and blue.  The light, organic like a lava lamp and just as unobtrusive, created long shadows and patterns on the walls. It was magical!  Dave and I were giddy. We spent the night reading books, telling stories, and munching on snacks until we fell asleep.

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