You don’t know me…yet

I’m Raki a former teen mom. I just turned 30 last Nov 2011 and my son, David (Dave) turned 11 a month earlier in October. My son and I have a pretty cool relationship, we get each other and we’re both creative. I’m a fashion designerhe draws…..I draw better ha ha! Our lives are both at pivotal points, he’s starting middle school next year and I’m starting a mid-life crisis of sorts. Background info, I had Dave when I was 18 and a sophomore in college. My college life after that is much of a blur, but I graduated on time YEAH! Essentially for all of my adult life I’ve been a parent, now at 30 I’m really seeing the toll that “responsibility” has taken on me.  I’m getting back to myself and really trying to learn how to be more self-indulgent, be more confident in my identity, elevate my quality of living through HIGHER HEISTS  HEIGHTS and raise a well balanced young man. That sounds good doesn’t it? But I’m SCARED TO DEATH of what’s to come!!! My career is at a turning point and my kid is about to be surrounded by a teaming institution of hormonally imbalanced hellions! 30 and 11 is about our journey, a mother-son adventure that started over 11 years ago. This blog is also my perspective on being a parent, a single parent, shared through stories, drawings, anectdotes, confessions etcetera and whatever. And Away We GOOOO!


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