The Single Mom and The Barbershop

Anxiety is me taking my son to the barbershop. I wonder if other single moms have this fear. Thankfully we are heading into the years where I can just drop him off with $20 bucks and wait in the car. Unfortunately though since we’ve moved the quest for a new barber has started again which means, I have to accompany him into these establishments. Going into the barbershop as a single mother is NERVE RACKING! First of all I have no clue what to tell the barber to do to this kids head. I think “fade” pretty is my only go to request.  I never know how to dress because I dont’ want to look busted and I don’t want any undue attentions by all those sharply tapered men. It’s not vanity, trust me. I don’t think I’m too bad on the eyes, but in truth it’s all of my insecurities about myself coupled with being in a place that I feel like is the commercial equivalent of a “man cave” that all come to play in this issue.

I feel like i’ve sauntered right past a “no girls allowed” sign and stepped into this place using my son as the ticket behind the veil. I don’t kid myself that barbers and their clients are talking about respectable men interests like mulch, sports, and BBQ. I feel like there are tongue in cheek tales of rowdy adventures abruptly halted and hanging in the air only to be concluded as soon as I leave. This could be a figment of an my very over active and literary imagination, but only in part. I truly feel that the barbershop is the man’s place. I also wish I’d had the forethought to make this a stipulation of our custody order that his father must be the one to take him to the barbershop. I think it’s a great father/son experience.

Mom’s in the shop cannot be avoided, but I really see the experience of getting a haircut and the entire atmosphere  of the barbershop as kind of a rite of passage. Some barbers can be great mentors and  it’s a place where boys become men.

You see, that’s exactly what i’m talking about!


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3 thoughts on “The Single Mom and The Barbershop

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Gee, you don’t have women barbers?
    For years, I’ve been going just down the street, where Jen and Suzy and Michelle (whose 2-year-old son is usually at hand) do the honors.

    • 30and11 says:

      Women barbers would be a good alternative but I’ve never actually tried a lady barber except for when my son got his first hair cut. Usually though, the lady barbers that I know of who cut African American hair work in a male barbershop. I’m getting better at doing the barber shop thing though, yesterday went over pretty well (I just stayed in the car 🙂 )

  2. teikay says:

    Thank you so much for this post! Lol this exactly to a ‘t’ how i feel right now. My son is 14 and i go to a place around the good corner. The barbers are very nice and its not locker room offensive or loud with innapropriate music. Its professional looking shop and employees. I think its as good as it gets down here. I dont like the one my bros go too. My only luck is my son is a real pain about getting hairvcut so we dont go as often as we should but i’m glad i found a place where i can stay in there with him and we feel welcome and safe. I hope you can find a place where u think itll be a good fit. If you have male relative or friend that u trust…i’d ask where they go and ask if u can tag along with your son. That might help. Thanks again!

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