Inappropriate Texts During: Middle School Orientation

The Scene: Last friday I chaperoned a trip to my son’s future middle school. I’d been STOOPID sick all week and was just getting over it. During the orientation we had a break for lunch and were all in the cafeteria eating lunch and becoming further “oriented” with school staff. I was doing a good job at being the upstanding parent until THIS… (as relayed via texts to my homegirl, referred to as “The Homie”)

Me (10:18am) >> Ooooooohhhhhhh DAYUM!

THE HOMIE (10:18am) >> Huh?

ME (10:18am) >> I’m chaperoning a trip to Dave’s future middle school…and the Basketball Coach just showed up

ME (10:19am) >> This. Could. Be. A. ~praaaahblem~ đŸ™‚

THE HOMIE (10:20am) >> Haaaaaaa!.. somebodys about to need extra practice

ME (10:20am) >> OOOH YEAH (kool-aid voice)

ME (10:20am) >> And his name is Mr. Diggs

THE HOMIE (10:21am) >> Lmao

THE HOMIE (10:22am) >> Oh he gon get dug alright

ME (10:22am) >> DUG OUT!

THE HOMIE (10:23am) >> LMAO

ME (10:23am) >> OHH my gosh I’m only 98%[better] and I just laughed OUT LOUD forreal

ME (10:23am)>> There was snot involved

THE HOMIE (10:24am) >> Lmao… i need u to Be cool..cuz snot has never been attractive

ME (10:25am) >> Um yeah snot aint never cute

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One thought on “Inappropriate Texts During: Middle School Orientation

  1. […] (accusatory, disbelief): “Soooo That’s what you were doing at Orrrrientaatioonnnn!!” and ” THERE WAS SNOT INVOLVED??” – in response to “Inappropriate Texts“ […]

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